October 19, 2020

Simon Barrow

by upperhand in

I write this letter as a reference for John Plaugic, who has worked within the New York Red Bull pre-academy program, the Regional Development Schools, December 2009-January 2012.

As manager of the Red Bulls RDS, I am responsible for the technical development the highest level 8 to 14-year-old soccer players within NY, NJ, and CT. During the 2 years, John has worked within our program, he has demonstrated himself to be more than capable of getting the best out of this exceptionally talented group.

A keen student of the game of soccer, he has always strived to learn from those around him, and surround himself with additional literature that enhances his knowledge and appreciation of the game. Being a high-level player himself, and in good physical shape, he is also capable of demonstrating the technical nuances that are so important to developing young players.

His dedicated work ethic on and off the soccer field, along with his ability to interact with his peers and his students, all make him a suitable candidate for any high-level soccer program.

Finally, he is a polite, well mannered, and good-humored young man who will be a credit to any organization he represents.

Red Bulls Academy
600 Cape May Street,
Harrison, NJ 07029