About Us

Who We Are

Modern Goalkeeper is a goalkeeper development school with locations across the tri-state area. We offer a club-neutral training environment designed to help goalkeepers develop the essential Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental & Social skills necessary to improve their performance between the sticks.

As goalkeepers, we have a unique responsibility on the field. We are the last line of defense but also the first line of attack. We must master the skills of the goalkeeper as well as the skills of the outfield player. Modern Soccer is changing and the goalkeeper has to be a leader who defends the penalty area & blocks shots on goal, but also a player capable of kick-starting the attack with precise distribution skills.

A Modern Goalkeeper is a leader with a keen understanding of every position on the pitch. A Modern Goalkeeper has the athletic ability to both play & perform as an outfield player as well as a stone-cold shot-stopper. A Modern Goalkeeper is a figure point on the field leading their team to success.

A Modern Goalkeeper is fast, agile, quick, strong, powerful, flexible, and dynamic. Our Modern Goalkeepers are sharp-thinking players who understand the nuances of the game.

Our breed of goalkeeper is a
Modern Goalkeeper.

Our Mission Statement

To develop goalkeepers whose play reflects the demands of the modern game.

Developmental Methodology

Our coaches design sessions that challenge players both physically and mentally in accordance with the five pillars of the game.


Develop a mastery of the techniques that make goalkeeping more efficient and effective.


Develop the understanding to know both when and where to execute the proper techniques.


Develop the specific power, speed, explosiveness, balance, agility, coordination, and flexibility required of goalkeepers in the modern game.


Develop the confidence, leadership, and game awareness players need to succeed.


Encourage players to have fun and share the camaraderie of challenging themselves through soccer.

Our Amenities

What Do You Get with Our Programs?
  • Each session is conducted by John Plaugic & our Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems staff
  • Training takes place in a climate-controlled indoor facility with Field Turf
  • Each player will be evaluated, and grouped by age, ability & performance
  • Our players are broken into 3 or 4 training groups, each group has its own dedicated coach and training area, which enables competitive and concise training groups for a challenging environment.
  • Our unique player development model allows us to evaluate and develop each athlete over time through our modern goalkeeper training system.
  • Registration includes a PUMA Performance Training Kit (Shirt & Shorts)
Train Anywhere

Register at one, train at all

When you register at one of our training locations, you have access to train at any of our training locations across the tri-state area.

We Care About You

Sessions that never expire

Never stress about your unused sessions. Simply register for another season and roll your sessions over.

Members Only

Enjoy discounts with our affiliates

Players can enjoy discounts with our affiliates such as PUMA, Klean Athlete, Bownet, Hoist, and Princeton Soccer Experience


Do you offer to make up training sessions?

Yes! Sessions can be made up at any MGTS training location throughout that season’s training period.

How are the players grouped?

Each player will be evaluated and grouped by age and ability. The groups will consist of one coach and a maximum of 6 goalkeepers.

We have multiple coaches at every training location, this enables us to select the training groups properly, while also designing our session plan based on the ratios we have at each specific location.

What ages do you accept into your programs?
We’ve allowed players as young as 8 years old as well as adults who play professionally.
Advanced Training, Elite Development, or Path to PRO. What is the difference between each?
The Advanced Training Program is 1.5 hours while the Elite Development Program is 2 hours, Path to PRO is 2 hours but is our exclusive invite-only program designed for players seeking professional soccer opportunities. The training curriculum is the same however, the extra 30 minutes provided in the Elite Development Program, allows more time to focus on the Goalkeeping skills within the MGTS curriculum.
How is each training session structured?
  1. Warm-Up/Street Soccer
  2. Speed & Agility: Goalkeeping Specific
  3. Feet & Distribution
  4. Technical use of hands and feet
  5. Live (teaching in a live, game-like situation)
Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do offer payment plans and scholarships!

We review these on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our founder, John Plaugic at 201-741-0221 to inquire.