About MGTS

About MGTS

At Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems, we offer a club neutral environment in which we can develop our breed of goalkeeper: Our breed of goalkeeper can rise to the challenges of the modern game. Our breed of goalkeeper can do more than just stop shots.

There is no position in soccer like the goalkeeper. The task of marshaling the line that keeps the ball out of the goal takes a special breed of player. Therefore, we believe that the approach to goalkeeper training needs to be special too.

The modern goalkeeper is required to not only jump in front of a ball that everyone else is trying to kick, but the modern goalkeeper must be as technically and tactically sound as any player on the pitch.

Our breed of goalkeeper is a leader with a keen understanding of every position on the pitch. Our breed of goalkeeper leads by example by both keeping the ball out of the net and creating counter-attacking opportunities using deadly distribution. Our breed of goalkeeper is powerful, fast and agile. Our breed of goalkeeper is a sharp-thinking player who understands the nuances of the game. Our breed of goalkeeper is a Modern Goalkeeper.

Our coaches are qualified and prepared to develop every goalkeeper who joins our family with the tools they need to succeed in the modern game. Our training is unique in that we use an innovative approach inspired by the demands of the game today.

Mission Statement

To develop goalkeepers whose play reflects the demands of the modern game.

Development Methodology

Our coaches design sessions that challenge players both physically and mentally in accordance with the five pillars of the game


Develop a mastery of the techniques that make goalkeeping more efficient and effective.


Develop the understanding to know both when and where to execute the proper techniques.


Develop the specific power, speed, explosiveness, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility required of goalkeepers in the modern game.


Develop the confidence, leadership and game awareness players need to succeed.


Encourage players to have fun and share the camaraderie of challenging themselves through soccer.

Let us develop YOU into a Modern Goalkeeper

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