Footwork and attacking the ball drills

I’ve just started with a new set of young goalkeepers at the Keeper Skool goalkeeper training service in Sydney Australia. It’s interesting to see a wide mix of skill sets, and I’m always excited to get a glimpse into just how differently each goalkeeper attacks a certain drill.

This first week I decided to focus on footwork, basic set positions and basic handling. One thing that was brought to my attention early on was just how many young goalkeepers lack basic footwork skill and foot speed.To begin the session (after a basic warm up) I utilized the following drills to help me in evaluating their footwork and also assess how they attack and handle the ball low to the ground. It also allowed for me to break them into the session whilst having them focus attentively on maximizing their footwork.


I’ve mentioned in some previous newsletters (which you can access by clicking here), just how important footwork is. In my opinion it forms the very platform for goalkeeping success. The above drills are some of many you can leverage to help your young goalkeeper succeed with their footwork, attacking the ball low and timing.

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